Wildfire Ready Raccoon Rap!

Ready Raccoons theme song is here!

Ready Raccoon will be out dancing and grooving to the song below at community gatherings and events. He’s designed this song to not only inspire people to dance, but remember that it’s always good to be prepared in case of a wildfire!

This song was conceived by Phil John Spring of 2018 as a fun song to have the Wildfire Ready Raccoon mascot dance to during public events.
Recorded and produced at Soundhaus Studios, Paradise, CA by Scott Shaw 6/18-11-18. Finalized in Fairview TN 3/2020.
Lyrics by Phil John, Scott Shaw.
Music based on “Gangsta Paradise” by Coolio. “Wildfire Ready Rap” is a parody of that song. (See also: “Amish Paradise” by Weird Al)
Music and instrumentation by Scott Shaw and various backing tracks purchased for this project. Accordian by Leeya Shaw.
Main rap sung by Scott Shaw (Phil insisted!).
Bridge vocals sung by Phil John (“Why should we…”).
Chorus refrain sung by Big Mo (Maurice Huffman) (“I’m a raccoon living in Paradise…).
Accent vocals sung by Anthony and Tony Hernandez (Yeah! Oh!).
Live choir voices (On top of backing tracks) sung by Scott Shaw, Leeya Shaw, Deann Shaw, Anthony Hernandez, and Andy Hafer.