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Youth Education Programs & Resources

Wildfire in the Foothills (6th-Grade)

Wildfire in the Foothills, updated in 2021, is intended for the sixth-grade students of Butte County. The purpose is to support students who live in fire-prone areas and to build fire-resilient communities through youth education and resident action. Below, you will find all the resources you need to access the program and bring trauma-informed fire[...]
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REDI Jedi Master Program (Pyrosketchology)

The Redi Master is a Great Aunt to Wildfire Ready Racoon who lives in the upper foothills of Butte County. She is looking for new student apprentices. These students will be trained to observe the nature signs and signals that inform us of the seen and unseen forces influencing fire. A fire journaling guide will[...]
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Wildfire Ready Raccoon

Wildfire Ready Raccoon is the mascot for the Paradise Ridge and Butte County Fire Safe Councils. Check out Ready Raccoon’s page for the latest fun and tips about how to be ready for wildfire. Have you seen Ready Raccoon lately? Don’t forget to follow his social media pages to see what he’s up to! Content[...]
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“Once Upon a Wildfire” Storybook

A wildfire threatens Julie-Anne and her family! What do they do, where do they go and what happens when the wildfire has passed? Children ages four to ten will be especially interested in this true story of what happens to a young girl when the nearby woods catch fire. Julie-Anne and her family evacuate to[...]
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