Borrow a Weed Wrench Program

Help us Doom the Broom! Borrow a “Weed Wrench” to get the job done.
Wildfire Ready Raccoon walks you through the process in the 1-minute video below:



A weed wrench is an extremely helpful tool for removing established weeds, such as broom plants. Broom is a flammable, invasive plant that can spread rapidly, if not treated. Broom loves establishing in post-fire areas and overtaking native vegetation. Learn about our Doom the Broom campaign and how we can improve our community’s wildfire safety by removing broom plants in Butte County.  

Weed Wrench Loan Program Basics:

Cost: Free! We just need a scan of a photo ID and a filled-out application, which you can do in our office. In exchange for the free service, we ask for a completed volunteer hours tracking sheet documenting the work hours completed with the weed wrench. Collecting these community volunteer hours is vital for our grant match requirements. We will provide you a form.

Loan Period:  Two weeks maximum. Tools may be borrowed again if there is no one on the waiting list. Please call for an extension request. 

Quantity: Two weed wrenches may be borrowed at one time for individuals/families. Four weed wrenches may be borrowed at one time for community groups and projects.