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Recovering Soil Health is a Critical Step After a Fire, We Can Show You How   

Whether removing vegetation in preparation for wildfire, or managing slash after a wildfire, there are only a handful of options available like pile burning, chipping, hauling to the landfill or wood processing center or burning with a biochar method. When doing pile burning the result is generally a pile of ash due to the way …

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Ready, Set, Go!

A new wildfire preparedness video is now available to the public. Click on the link below to view! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYNeTTfOtajdXCPuE8Y3g4Q?app=desktop

Tree Heath

Tree Health at Home

Bark Beetle Information Weakened by lack of water due to four consecutive years of drought, over 29 million conifers and hardwood trees were unable to fight off attacks from bark beetles and died. Helpful Links Read the USDA publication on Bark Beetle in California Conifers Tree Mortality Prepare for the Bark Beetle Tree Mortality Task …

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Doom Broom

Doom the Broom

What is Broom? Broom is an evergreen shrub with clusters of yellow flowers that bloom in late spring. Broom plants were introduced in California around 1850 as ornamental plants in gardens.  Later, when the California highway system developed, they were used to control erosion along road banks. Broom is an invasive plant.  This means it …

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