REDI Jedi Master Program (Pyrosketchology)

The Redi Master is a Great Aunt to Wildfire Ready Racoon who lives in the upper foothills of Butte County. She is looking for new student apprentices. These students will be trained to observe the nature signs and signals that inform us of the seen and unseen forces influencing fire. A fire journaling guide will help middle school students, high school students, and adults develop a sense of place, that includes fire, and enhances fire season and situational awareness through nature journaling practices. This program can also be used to support fire Ready-Set-Go and fire education programs. 

The Redi Master focuses on the following abilities and actions:
R:  Recognize patterns, signals and signs in nature and how they relate to fire.
E:  Engage senses and elaborate on experiences and emotions that enhance fire awareness.
D: Direct attention to field observation skills and creative journaling techniques.
I:   Illuminate fire readiness, response and resilience efforts with place-based knowledge.