Doom the Broom

Doom Broom

What is Broom?

  • Broom is an evergreen shrub with clusters of yellow flowers that bloom in late spring.
  • Broom plants were introduced in California around 1850 as ornamental plants in gardens.  Later, when the California highway system developed, they were used to control erosion along road banks.
  • Broom is an invasive plant.  This means it came to California from another area (Europe) and now competes with native plants for dominance, and the broom is winning!

So what is the problem?

The broom plant:

  • Forms highly-flammable stands of the brush.
  • Grows as an aggressive, invasive plant.
  • It creates a ladder and ember fuel.
  • Overwhelms neighborhood lots and byways.
  • Endangers your home.

What alternatives are there?

Use native plants. Go to California Native Plant Society