Submit your volunteer hours to support wildfire safety!

We need your help! The BCFSC relies on submitted volunteer hours for our grant match, so we can continue to do good work in your community. In 2023 we had 3,207 hours submitted! Help us beat that number in 2024.

Volunteer hours may include: Improving wildfire safety on your home or property, preparing stacks for the Chipper Program, participating in a Fire Safe Council or Firewise USA Community meeting or project, and more.
Financial contributions are also tracked for match, if a receipt is included. 

For individual volunteer submissions to the BCFSC, please use the form below. If you have copies of previous BCFSC volunteer hour forms, please discard them and use the updated form.

Check the following before submitting:

  • The form is filled out for only one individual (no groups or pairs on one sheet).
  • Each line is for an individual date, not a range of dates.
  • The form is signed and dated by the individual completing the work.
    * If the above are not followed, we will need to contact you for edits before we can count the hours.

Download Form: Volunteer-Hours-Form-fill-in-pdf.pdf (90 downloads )

Volunteer Hours Form fill in pdf