Paradise Lake Restoration Project 1-19-23

Pictured: Members of the Berry Creek Rancheria crew on a cloudy day at Paradise Lake.

If you’ve been around Paradise Lake anytime since October, you may have noticed forest work being done in the area. This project– called the Paradise Lake Restoration Project– is a fantastic and rather unique partnership between the U.S. Forest Service, the Butte County Fire Safe Council, and the tribes of the Konkow Band of Maidu and the Berry Creek Rancheria.

We’re excited to work with both a government agency and tribal groups on this forest health project in Butte County.

While the BCFSC is managing the project, it’s the members of Konkow and Berry Creek who have their hands directly on the land. “They’re preparing the area for an eventual prescribed fire event, proposed for Fall 2024. The U.S. Forest Service will lead that burn.” says Katie Battagalia, Assistant Director of Forest Health at the BCFSC. “It’s all hand work, with no machines used, besides a few chainsaws. Ladder fuels and underbrush are being thinned to create a shaded fuel break, to eventually re-introduce low-intensity fire back onto the landscape.”

“We’re really excited to continue these partnerships in 2024“, concludes Katie.