Forest Health Guidebook

Our New Forest Health Guidebook is available in PDF and hard copy formats. The guidebook serves as a handy reference for Butte County residents and details the types of forests we have in our county, along with tips to help mitigate the effects of wildfire. Learn about native vegetation types, how to assess your forest and what do do after fire has burned an area. The book also provides information about programs and organizations which can help you better prepare your forest to be fire-resistant and fire-resilient.

To download a PDF copy, please click here: Forest Health Guidebook (1308 downloads) . If you would like a print copy you can request one through our office – click HERE to send us an email,  or by calling 530-877-0984. If you would like to help us distribute multiple copies, we can arrange for quantities from 10-500 or more (a box contains 180). We can also provide a display stand.