Who We Are

The Butte County Fire Safe Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been serving Butte County for over 20 years. Traditionally we have focused on wildfire safety and education. Our services have included free chipper service, fuels reduction, and wildfire education for youth. Ever since the fire, we have broadened our scope to fire recovery. One of the major issues we are focusing on now is dead and dying trees. 

Our Project

Our Tree Removal Pilot Project is focused on removing dead and dying trees within the campfire footprint that are a danger to life and property. We can offer no-cost tree removal to landowners by signing up an aggregate of contiguous parcels in specific neighborhoods where debris removal is completed. While our project is no-cost, we are requesting a contribution from landowners who’s trees we remove. This contribution is not required, but considering our funding is limited it will help us expand our project to more neighborhoods (see ‘Request for Contribution’ flyer). Every landowner who contributes will help ‘pay it forward’ to the rest of the community. 

Our Commitment 

The Fire Safe Council is committed to helping landowners remove dead and dying trees from their property through a professional and respectful process. Once the landowner signs the Agreement Form, we will set a time to meet on the property to identify infrastructure (septic, leach lines, etc.) and mark any trees the landowner would like to keep. The Fire Safe Council is committed to working with landowners to identify individual needs and concerns. 


For any questions or concerns regarding the project, please reach out to our Field Coordinator:


Taylor Nilsson

Make your contribution to this program

Funding for the tree removal pilot program is limited: Every landowner who contributes will help ‘pay it forward’ to the rest of the community. 


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Contributions to the Camp Fire: Tree Safety & Usage Program are not tax deductible
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