Tree Removal Pilot Project Update

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The Fire Safe Council’s Tree Removal Pilot Project was designed to aggregate landowners (sign up landowners adjacent to each other) so we could remove trees in a cost-effective manner. 

Specific neighborhoods were selected for tree removal based on the qualifications listed below:

  • All parcels within the project area needed to be cleared of debris and returned to County.
  • The aggregate of parcels needed to have a minimum of 700-1000 dead and dying harvestable trees. 

Unfortunately, we cannot currently expand the project to additional neighborhoods due to the exorbitant costs of tree removal and our limited funding. The costs of tree removal have risen unexpectedly and significantly since the advent of the project.

Alternative options for tree removal include:

The Town of Paradise and Butte County have made an ‘ask’ of FEMA to fund tree removal within the Camp Fire footprint. If this funding is approved, it will most likely not be available for another year. We will continue to keep you updated as we receive information about possible federal funding. 

To landowners seeking assistance for tree removal, we suggest that you contact your neighbors and reach out to a private contractor.  If you can allow contractors access to multiple adjacent properties, this could hopefully reduce costs for you. (This would not be part of the Fire Safe Council’s pilot project.) 

Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and other potential assistance options for tree removal. 

Thank you! 



Current Project Areas

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Funding for the tree removal pilot program is limited: Every landowner who contributes will help ‘pay it forward’ to the rest of the community. 


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