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Next Board of Directors Meeting

When: The first Wednesday of every month. Next meeting: Wednesday, June 1st from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Where: Zoom or in-person +1 (346) 248-7799 , 92340047516# In-person at[...]

Grazing Management Plan

The primary goal of the Grazing Management Plan is to establish a sustainable, fire-safe landscape that balances vegetation growth and removal to manage undesirable, invasive, flammable plant species. Download the[...]

PG&E Vegetation Management FAQ

In partnership with the Vegetation Management Team at PG&E, the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet was developed from questions posed by the community of Forest Ranch. This partnership was[...]

Forest Health Guidebook

Our New Forest Health Guidebook is available in PDF and hard copy formats. The guidebook serves as a handy reference for Butte County residents and details the types of forests[...]

Once Upon a Wildfire Storybook

A wildfire threatens Julie-Anne and her family! What do they do, where do they go and what happens when the wildfire has passed? Children ages four to ten will be[...]

Forest Management Plans

Forest Management Plans discuss how to effectively manage forest land in order to help mitigate loss due to wildfire. Links to websites and PDF downloads are both available below. Cohasset: [...]


TOGETHER PROTECTING OUR MANY FORESTS download the poster of our forests Together protecting our many forests Download Poster »

Doom the Broom

The Terribly Tenacious Broom   Quick to sprout and grow into attractive, yellow-blooming shrubs after wildfires, broom in turn greatly increases future wildfire danger. Plants are highly flammable. Young shrubs quickly[...]