5619 Black Olive Drive, Paradise, CA 95969

John Torres

One-Way Evacuation for Paradise Area

How it works. When it works. What to know. Evacuation Goal: To minimize the loss of life by evacuating those individuals who are within the immediate hazard area as quickly as possible. Evacuations are based on pre-determined evacuation zones.   KNOW YOUR ZONE! If you are not within the immediate hazard area and not directed[…]

Defendable Space

Create Defensible Space

What is Defensible Space? The area of at least 100 feet around our house and other structures in which you’ve modified the landscape to improve the odds for firefighters defending your home. Please note: 100 feet of defensible space is required by California law [PRC4291]. Your “defensible space” is the area that is a minimum[…]

Tree Heath

Tree Health at Home

Bark Beetle Information Weakened by lack of water due to four consecutive years of drought, over 29 million conifers and hardwood trees were unable to fight off attacks from bark beetles and died. Helpful Links Read the USDA publication on Bark Beetle in California Conifers Tree Mortality Prepare for the Bark Beetle Tree Mortality Task[…]

Doom Broom

Doom the Broom

What is Broom? Broom is an evergreen shrub with clusters of yellow flowers that bloom in late spring. Broom plants were introduced in California around 1850 as ornamental plants in gardens.  Later, when the California highway system developed, they were used to control erosion along road banks. Broom is an invasive plant.  This means it[…]

How to Borrow a Weed Wrench

Borrow a “weed wrench” and get the job done easier   A weed wrench is an extremely helpful tool for removing established weeds.  As part of our campaign to remove the broom in the area, the Butte Fire Safe Council has adopted a weed wrench lending program.  Call us at 877-0984 for additional information or[…]