Do you have fallen branches, overgrown brush and other vegetation that needs chipping? The Chipper Program is once again offering service to residents who are working on their wildfire safety clearance. The program provides an alternative to burning or hauling fire hazardous brush.

The Chipper program is in its fourteenth year and anticipates offering service this season until May 15th but don’t wait to get your fire prevention work done!

 To prepare brush and limbs for the Chipper Program:

  1. Stack cut brush and limbs in a row within 5 feet of the road edge with the ends facing towards the road.
  2. Rows should be stacked no more that 4 feet high.
  3. Keep mud, rocks and roots out of the rows.
  4. Locate the rows so the truck and chipper can easily access them, no off-road locations allowed.


To participate in the Chipper Program please call 530-877-0984. The Program is a service of the Butte County Fire Safe Council, a non-profit organization. 

Funding provided by a National Fire Plan grant from the Cooperative Fire Program of the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Pacific Southwest Region, through the California Fire Safe Council. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.