The Butte County Fire Safe Council continues to keep our communities fire safe and being actively involved in clean up and recovery efforts. If you would like to donate to these efforts, please use the link below.

Borrow a "weed wrench" and get the job done easier

A weed wrench is an extremely helpful tool for removing established weeds.  As part of our campaign to remove the broom in the area, the Butte Fire Safe Council has adopted a weed wrench lending program.  Call us at 877-0984 for information. 

Cost: Free for current members $100.00 check deposit required when borrowing the weed wrenches. Upon the return of the weed wrench your check will be returned to you.

Quantity: Two weed wrenches may be borrowed at one time for individuals/families.  four weed wrenches may be borrowed at one time for community groups.

Loan Period:  Two weeks maximum. Tools may be borrowed again if there is no one on the waiting list.